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iron briquettes

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ТУ У 38.3-39942919-003:2021


1.1 These technical specifications apply to iron-containing briquettes for blast furnace process
(hereinafter – “briquettes”), which are intended for use instead of sinter in the pig iron smelting
and made from iron-containing waste of iron-works enterprises.
Production of briquettes is carried out at the vibration shaker of the briquetting site of iron-con-
taining as a result of mixing of iron-containing waste of metallurgical production, namely:
– sludge of blast furnace process;
– sludge of steelmaking;
– furnace scale;
– flue dust;
– sand bed dust;
– dust from the purification of aspiration air when overloading the charge for smelting pig iron;
– mill scale;
– sludge of agglomeration production;
– dust of secondary gas cleaning of converter shops.
The briquettes are made in a cylindrical shape by mixing a mixture of iron-containing waste with
Portland cement and water, and subsequent pressing and natural solidifying.
According to these technical specifications, there were made briquettes of the following mark:
БЗ-1, БЗ-2, БЗ-3, БЗ-4, БЗ -5, БЗ-6.

1.2 Example of the conventional sign of briquettes when ordering and in other documentation
where they can be used:
Iron-containing briquette for blast furnace process (БЗ-1 mark) ТУ У 38.3-399942919-003:2021.

1.3 Mandatory requirements for the quality of briquettes, which ensure safety and environmental
protection, safety for the life of the population, were set out in section 4 of these technical spe-

1.4 These technical specification may not be replicated, distributed and used without the official
permission of the owner of the technical conditions..

1.5 The technical specifications must be revised regularly, but at least once every five years, after
their entry into force or the last revision, unless there is a need to revise them earlier in case of
adoption of regulations, relevant national (interstate) standards and other regulatory documents
that provide other requirements than those set in the technical specifications.


3.1 Briquettes must meet the requirements of these technical specifications and be manufactu-
red in accordance with the technology regulations approved in the prescribed manner at the
manufacturing enterprise.

3.2 Chemical and physico-mechanical indicators of briquettes should correspond to those given
in table 1.


Table 1

3.3 The mass fraction of moisture should not exceed 5%. Humidity indicator is not a sign of defect
and is used only for payments with the consumer.

3.4 Visually, the loaded briquettes should not contain small fragments.

3.5 For the production of briquettes they use the following raw materials and supplies:
– iron-containing waste of iron-works enterprises in accordance with 1.1 of these technical spe-
– Portland cement according to DSTU Б B.2.7-461 or other applicable regulatory documents;
– water according to DSanPiN 2.2.4-1712 or technical water according to the current regulatory
The amount of raw materials and supplies – according to the technological instructions appro-
ved in the prescribed manner by the manufacturing enterprise.

3.6 Control of the composition of the mixture for pressing is carried out by the weight method.
Requirements for weighing equipment, control system for compliance with production technolo-
gy and product quality must be followed in accordance with the technology regulations approved
in the prescribed manner.

3.7 Packaging

3.7.1 Briquettes are shipped in bulk.

3.8 Marking

3.8.1 Products shipped in bulk are not subject to transport marking in accordance with GOST

1 DSTU – State Standards of Ukraine
2 DSanPiN – State Sanitary Rules and Regulations
3 GOST – All-Union Standard