Werferova 1064/6, 040 11 Košice, Slovakia
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Per Aspera Ad Astra

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Workmania is a progressive and established company in the field of trade in commodities such as iron ore and products based on it. The goal of the team of professionals is to work tirelessly to create value and profit for Workmánia’s customers. Workmánia is aware that the market environment for commodity trades is turbulent and significant changes can occur within a few hours, so Workmánia strives to be a strong point for its customers with its professional, prompt and non-stop available service. An efficient business model has enabled Workmánia to achieve rapid development while maintaining the highest quality of its services and a practical approach to solving any problems that may arise during the life cycle of a business transaction. Our team is known for constant innovation, dynamism and the use of the latest technologies to ensure the competitiveness of Workmánia, not only in the region but also globally. Workmania’s greatest value and investment is its team of experienced professionals, long-lasting and strong business relationships based on mutual respect and trust of business partners, as well as strong work ethic and “yes, wecan” workattitude.